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There are estimated around 5,000 cooking styles in China and the main regional Chinese cuisine are:

  1. Szechuan Cuisine
  2. Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine
  3. Shangdong Cuisine
  4. Huaiyang Cuisine
  5. Fujian Cuisine
  6. Hunan Cuisine
  7. Zhejiang Cuisine
  8. Anhui Cuisine
Chinese Countryside

The Chinese believes that the preparation of food is an art. The art of cooking Chinese food can include dishes and food preparation techniques which are difficult to develop and may require the expertise of a chef with lots of experience. Come to Middle Kingdom in Manchester and experience it yourself the two distinctive world famous Szechuan and Hunan Cuisine prepared by the Medal Winners Master Chefs brought from China. Szechuan cuisine is known for its distinctive hot and numbing seasoning frequently using Szechuan peppercorns along with chilies which are often dried, and other preserved ingredients and condiments. Hunan cuisine is also known for its hot spicy flavor, added with fresh aroma and deep color and is said to be purer and simpler in taste. To judge yourself the world famous color, aroma and taste of Szechuan and Hunan Cuisine come to Middle Kingdom.